If you’re starting to get the hang of some popular DJing software, the next step will be to get hold of a DJ Controller. There are plenty out there, many setting you back +£100, but for a first controller to get you starting, I think the DJ 2 Go is a great option.

Design and size of this may look a little childish, but don’t be fooled, on performance it contains all the likely controls you’ll need.

Turntables, faders, play/pause, cue, pre-cue, sync, pitch and speed bends, volume controls, and browser controls.

The size of this controller allows you to chuck it in a bag, forget about it, then take it out in those emergency DJ situations.

It works with almost any DJing software for PC, Mac or even iOS, with little to no setup. It even has a free lite copy of Virtual DJ for Windows and Mac.

It’s the most reasonably priced controller out there. Current on Amazon for £45.DJ2Go2