Instagram are rolling out the ability to include up to five links in your bio, making it easy to direct fans towards external content.

Instagram is one of the only social media platforms that does not include hyperlinks on feed content. Posts referencing specific content, such as an external video or blog article, requires creators to get creative with their caption. One popular options is to direct fans to your bio, where until now, you could include one link to an external page. However, this option is still not ideal, requiring that one precious spot be taken up, until you need to switch it out for the next post. This frustration birthed platforms like, that allows creators to build ‘Bio Links’, which house multiple links on one landing page.

Instagram are now switching things up a bit, allowing anyone to include up to five URLs and corresponding titles in the bio. The first link will be displayed on your profile, while a tap will unveil all of the links.

This change is currently rolling out worldwide, so may not be available to you just yet. On the three accounts I tested, one has access to the feature.

How to include multiple links in the bio

It’s easy to add, edit, rearrange and delete your links on the Instagram app.

  • Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Tap Links
  • Tap Add external link (if you don’t see this option, you’ll have to wait a few days)
  • Input your URL and title, then tap Done

Simply tap an existing link to add a title, change the URL or remove it completely.

Make sure the link you want displayed on your profile it at the top of this list. To rearrange your links, tap the three dots in the top right corner, Reorder links, then tap and hold a link, dragging it to your desired place.

How to link to MORE than five site

While this addition is a welcome one, there are still benefits to going with our friends over at With, you can create a beautiful, customizable landing page, that includes an unlimited number of links.

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