Most-liked K-pop Spotify playlists

The ten most-followed playlists on Spotify with Korean popular music, featuring artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK and more.

This list is based on Chartmetric’s genre tags for each of Spotify’s playlists.

1. This Is BTS

Genres: K-Pop

5.51 million followers

2. K-Pop Daebak

Genres: K-Pop

3.09 million followers

3. BTS Party + Permission to Dance!

Genres: K-Pop

1.97 million followers


Genres: K-Pop

1.86 million followers

5. Korean OSTs

Genres: Korean Pop, K-Pop

1.34 million followers

6. V’s Favorite Tracks

Genres: K-Pop

1.15 million followers

7. Jimin’s Favorite Tracks

Genres: K-Pop

1.10 million followers

8. SUGA’s Favorite Tracks

Genres: K-Pop

1.05 million followers

9. Jin’s Favorite Tracks

Genres: K-Pop

1.01 million followers

10. RM’s Favorite Tracks

Genres: K-Pop


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