Midweek Music Suggestions

Welcome to my Midweek Music Suggestions.
This is a new thing I’m trying and will either keep up or bin dependent on the reaction from you good people.

Here are a couple of new artists that I hope will help get you through the longest day of the week and send you coasting towards the weekend.

If you would like to be featured in future posts then please get in touch; luke@routenote.com or @monkeyhotel

First up, Jackanory and the Ball – a north London duo whose debut E.P I will be reviewing in full next week. I’m struggling to accurately describe them after far too many listens than is probably good for my health. They are immense fun and well worth a listen. Here is the E.P’s opening track ‘Audio Precision’ to give you a taste. Catch their E.P launch show this Saturday.
Audio Precision by Jackanory and the Ball

Next, my favourite folk band; Mawkin:Causley
Last I heard this band was soon to no longer exist, however don’t let this stop you from getting into them in an obsessive way right now, and listening to the E.P and album they made together, both of which can be purchased by clicking here.
Below is the title track from last year’s album The Awkward Recruit.

Mawkin:Causley – The Awkward Recruit by brightyoungfolk

Finally, a remix artist that has made my morning a lot easier; Jordan Mencel. Take a look at his soundcloud set below.

RootMusic BandPage by jordanmencel

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