Last Night A BeatBoxer Ruined My Life

I used to like BeatBoxers. I used to like them a lot.

In my final year of university I would waste at least an hour a day watching videos of BeatBoxers before sharing them with fellow enthusiasts, my housemates, anyone who might care, anyone that didn’t care… I should probably have been doing coursework or something, now I think about it.

I then inexplicably stopped watching BeatBox videos for a reason I couldn’t remember, and left them well alone for over a year. I remembered that reason this morning when a friend of mine sent me a video, a video of a song I had obviously quite deliberately erased from my memory.

By their nature BeatBoxers are all (and without exception), show-off, attention seeking, flamboyant,  assholes. They must be; they get up on a stage and go out of their way to “wow” people. It’s a circus act more than it is music.

When I first heard this song all that time ago, it opened my eyes to this side of an art form I once thought noble and envied those capable of it. I even had a crack learning to BeatBox myself.

This isn’t a song, it’s a back beat with a moron showing off over the top of it. Rahzel became famous for winning a BeatBoxing competition with a genuinely brilliant and impressive act. What did he do with this fame? Accept the first record deal some tosser threw his way and ignored any sense of taste he might once have had. The reality is that any BeatBoxer would do this too, they couldn’t resist the attention.

Happily this has less than 20,000 views on youtube. Sadly, I’ll never be able to forget it, ever again.

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