Midweek Music Suggestions – 13/10/2010

I’m going to be doing things a little differently this week. Instead of presenting your ungrateful little faces with 2 or 3 artists that I hope you will like, I am going to give you 1 artist that I think you should listen to because they’ve caught my attention for all the right reasons and another that represents everything I dislike about music.

Midweek Music Suggestions 08/09/2010

It’s Wednesday again and if you’re having anywhere near as painful and disappointing a week as I am, you’ll be in serious need of some new music.

Midweek Music Suggestions – 25/08/2010

If you want to be included in my Midweek Music Suggestions at some point, then please get in touch; luke@routenote.com or on twitter @monkeyhotel

SongKick Partner with YouTube to Offer Concert Suggestions

Songkick has just partnered with YouTube to offer concert suggestions to users. Songkick is a live music recommendation and discovery service which helps users find out when certain bands are playing in their area.

Midweek Music Suggestions – Week 2

Welcome to the second of my midweek music suggestions. Without further ado, let’s try to make your week pass that little bit faster by getting some new music down your lug-holes.

Midweek Music Suggestions

Here are a couple of new artists that I hope will help get you through the longest day of the week and send you coasting towards the weekend.