Meridian Explorer 2 – The MQA Friendly DAC

Meridian Explorer 2

With the release of Meridian’s recent new compact audio format MQA, they spend no time in releasing the second edition of their Meridian Explorer DAC. Making it the first device compatible with the format.

Forget the build-in digital-to-analog converter, hook this up to the USB in your laptop and plug some decent speakers or headphones in the other end. Although the files aren’t available yet, the Explorer 2 play nice with Meridian’s new lossless format ‘Master Quality Authenticated’, while all of your lower quality MP3s will be up-sampled to 192kHz.

At £200, this is reasonable compared to the high end DACs currently on the market. Only time will tell on the real world quality of the device. This is another step in the right direction to promote their new MQA technology and convince the rest of the world to catch up.

Visit the site for more information.

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