How to listen to Apple Music in up to 24-bit/192 kHz – the best DAC, headphones and speakers for hi-res lossless audio

While Dolby Atmos spatial audio is compatible on most of Apple and Beats speakers and headphones, lossless audio is a different story.

Bluesound update their NODE and POWERNODE wireless, multi-room, hi-res music streamers

Bluesound have announced replacements for their NODE 2i and POWERNODE 2i, with updated designs, controls, DACs, processors and more.

Philips NCL1 – Cut The Headphone Jack, Cut The Power Cable, Keep The Noise-Free/High Quality Audio Flowing

This CES saw Philips announce their newest set of Fidelio cans. NC1L look to be a similar pair to their last year model ML2. Equipped with an Apple Lightning Port, 24-bit digital music is sent…

TLD – Top 5 Music Tech! (2014)

Jonathan Morris of TLD has been releasing a new Top 5 tech gifts video everyday in the run up to Christmas. His most recent episode goes over his Top 5 Music Tech gifts of 2014….

Meridian Explorer 2 – The MQA Friendly DAC

With the release of Meridian’s recent new compact audio format MQA, they spend no time in releasing the second edition of their Meridian Explorer DAC. Making it the first device compatible with the format. Forget…

Philips Release The First Pair Of Lightning Connected Headphones

iPhone holding, high-res audio lovers rejoice, as Philips are first on the scene with a pair of Fidelio ML2, that take advantage of iPhones lightning port to produce higher quality 24-bit Digital to Analogue Conversion….