This gorgeous studio is the dream of every musician, producer and beyond to have their own quiet, personal studio in the backyard.

Oh to have the space and money to build your dream studio in the garden. An enclosed space where you can escape to let the creativity flow from you. Somewhere that distractions are left outside the door so that everything is focused on the process.

Prepare to get green as this music composer’s new garden studio is the stuff of the most enviable dreams. In his beautiful new countryside cottage he recruited JCPCDR Architecture to build a cosy and stylish cabin out of local recycled materials.

Sourcing the ingredients for the studio locally meant they could reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Their target was to build the studio 100% ecologically so they took glass panels and steel from a destroyed factory nearby and took scraps from the closest sawmill for the wooden panels.

Looking at it you would never tell that this meticulously designed garden studio was made almost entirely from scraps. The design is simple but stylish with glassed walls on two side and a pyramidal glass corner window above the desk for an abundance of natural light and a view of the beautiful house and its gardens.

We hope you had a napkin for this because we were definitely drooling over the idea of having this recording space.

What would your dream recording space look like? Tell us in the comments below.