Are the kids into massive EDM bangers? Well if they’re not already, Marshmello is on the case to get the kids bopping with his kids Mellodees.

Marshmello is embracing the younger audiences after his electronic music took new audiences by storm when he played a gig in the video game Fortnite. He managed to pull in 10.7 million people through his performance and now he’s joined up with the creators of music for even younger kids to give them some bangers for bedtime.

Mellodees is the electronic music producer’s brand new series for kids where he will entertain and inform them with his huge stadium-ready dance production powering the songs. With 3D animations the videos will follow the lyrics of the informative songs.

Animated kids music and educational content is huge on YouTube and whilst it may seem a strange move for the huge electronic producer, it’s probably a profitable one.

Check out his first foray into being a world-famous kids DJ below.