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I'll get you next time, Gadget... (+10pts if you can comment and tell me what that reference is from)All too frequently there comes a moment during the production of a track when you just can’t get the sound you’re looking for. You’ve played all the juice out of the package you’re using and you need a new toy to mess around with – unfortunately, most Plugins are rather expensive as inspiration. Fear not, gentle reader, a solution is at hand, provided by MadTracker: a directory of free, and downloadable plugins for various production platforms. Don’t spend a penny, just rifle through this little cornucopia of free goodness and see what you can find to get you moving again. Don’t thank us – we do it because we love you…

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TesslaSE mkII is a free analog-style saturation effect

TesslaSE mkII from Variety Of Sound brings subtle saturation and widening effects from the analog into the digital domain.

Check out BPB Dirty Spring Reverb – a fantastic free spring reverb plugin with a twist

Bedroom Producers Blog has released another free VST plugin, BPB Dirty Spring, for a spot-on reggae guitar sound and beyond.

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