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I'll get you next time, Gadget... (+10pts if you can comment and tell me what that reference is from)All too frequently there comes a moment during the production of a track when you just can’t get the sound you’re looking for. You’ve played all the juice out of the package you’re using and you need a new toy to mess around with – unfortunately, most Plugins are rather expensive as inspiration. Fear not, gentle reader, a solution is at hand, provided by MadTracker: a directory of free, and downloadable plugins for various production platforms. Don’t spend a penny, just rifle through this little cornucopia of free goodness and see what you can find to get you moving again. Don’t thank us – we do it because we love you…

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Best beginner audio interfaces for recording vocals and guitars

An audio interface is an essential tool when recording audio. Each interface will have different traits that may or may not suit your needs better.

3 free DAWs for professional recording, beat making and producing

Making music has long been expensive, and that’s before you even touch a microphone. But free DAWs are changing that. As they become more feature rich, free DAWs for beginners are becoming more and more professional.

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