koalas and uzisI can’t tell you the pleasure it gives me to be able to write a post with Uzi toting Koalas in it. I sit opposite an Australian colleague in the RouteNote office, and ever since they beat us (England) in the four nations he’s been insufferable. Now I have a little more ammunition (pun unfortunately intended) for my long running Skippy-themed chain of banter with him. Sadly the fun is only skin deep as this post from Ian Roger’s personal blog is really interesting and will hopefully be useful to you, gentle reader. Mr. Rogers is the CEO of Topspin media, a company dedicated to accelerating independent bands out of the musical doldrums and getting them noticed online and in the traditional media. Until now, he’s not had the glorious experience of actually managing a band, but he’s personally adopted the ‘Get Busy’ Committee’ a rap outfit from LA (sadly not OZ), and is blogging about the positives and negatives of his experience trying to get them into the limelight. OK so this is nothing to do with mocking the Australians, but it does have a funny Koala in it… Look at him there!