Roland’s Beat Sync Maker app promises beat-synced visual effects that will bring a whole new dimension to your EDM and DJ sets.

Roland’s new app for iOS creates unique and custom visuals for music videos or live sets that can transform your music with professional and impressive visual effects. The app automatically detects beats in performances to “add all sorts of cool video effects that stay in perfect time with the music”.

Using Beat Sync Maker is simple—just choose a movie on your device and then select one of five visual effect types while it’s playing back. That’s all you need to do! Adjust the depth of an effect with the onscreen slider to change up the look, and alternate among the different effect types to create your own variations.

Beat Sync Maker’s 2-Video Mix function allows you to cut in movie clips as well, making your performance videos even more interesting and unique. There are 18 pre-installed clips to choose from, and you can also import personal movie clips stored in your device’s camera roll.

If you’ve ever been disappointed with the sound quality when recording music videos with your smartphone, Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO and GO:MIXER provide an easy solution. These compact and affordable audio mixers feature multiple inputs and dedicated level controls, allowing you to blend keyboards, drum machines, guitar/bass, and vocals together as you and your musical partners perform. An ultra-clean stereo mix is sent to your phone while you shoot, providing a top-quality live soundtrack for your video performance.

In addition to providing great sound for your smartphone videos, GO:MIXER PRO and GO:MIXER also unlock the full video export functionality of Beat Sync Maker without needing to make an in-app purchase.

Roland’s Beat Sync Maker is available on devices running iOS 11 or later for free on the Apple App Store: