Live-streaming on YouTube is now as simple as pressing a button

YouTube’s latest update makes it easier than ever to jump straight into a live-stream, including straight from your camera smartphone.

YouTube’s live-streaming platform has become massive since launching years ago. With so many people streaming videos live now YouTube have made it so much easier to sign into YouTube and jump straight into a live-stream.

Streaming live is now as easy as going to or, from your YouTube dashboard, clicking the ‘Go Live’ button in the header. No encoding, software or extra steps are needed anymore, you just start streaming from your webcam instantly from YouTube. It currently works straight away with Chrome and Google say they are expanding to other browsers soon.

Live-streaming on computers could still be much simpler though, and that’s why YouTube are adding simple live streams straight from your smartphone’s camera. Over the coming months YouTube will be adding more devices that you can stream directly from the camera app to YouTube. Select devices from Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung will be made compatible with live-streaming in the coming months.

YouTube are hoping to activate even more devices with live-streaming functionality as the year goes on with YouTube Mobile Live deep link.

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