According to a thread on Gaga Daily (via Idolator), a leaked document from Interscope Records shows that Lady Gaga may have worked with David Bowie on material for the eccentric pop diva’s third album.

Along with the document, the user who posted the inside scoop seems to have heard three tunes: “Far From Me”, “You & I” and  “Hooker on A Church Corner.”

Here’s the excerpt from the anonymous source:

Far From Me is a really epic song about a break up and sounds like Poker Face on steroids, You & I is a great ballad about love and Hooker is a really sexy dance track and also really addictive and dark.

No one has confirmed these rumours, so don’t get too excited yet.

Lady Gaga has previously stated that her third studio album was “my best work to date,” so maybe the Bowie rumors are true.