Every winner of The Brit Awards 2017 – dead and alive

Last night was the Brit Awards 2017, celebrating the last year in British music but once again Grime music goes unacknowledged. British Male Solo Artist Craig David David Bowie – WINNER Kano Michael Kiwanuka Skepta…

A look back at the amazing musicians and artists lost in 2016

2016 has been a tumultuous year full of massive events around the globe like Brexit, President Trump, ISIS attacks and much more. Amongst the furor we saw the world’s amazing talent drop like flies. Right…

Vinyl sales are rising, here’s the top 10 Vinyl records this year so far

The Vinyl resurgence continues to boost music sales into 2016 despite a drop in physical music sales. Nielsen music reporting company revealed stats for vinyl in their US mid-year report for music. The report shows…

Chris Hadfield – Space Oddity (Covered in Space!)

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield re-releases his amazing music video/cover for David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’. Some legal issues have been sorted out and we can all once again enjoy this masterpiece.

BMG Has Acquired Chrysalis for £107 million

BMG has agreed to acquire Chrysalis for £107.4 million ($168.6 million). Chrysalis has over 100,000 tracks in their publishing division, which includes tracks by David Bowie and Michael Jackson along with artists Cee Lo Green, Sheryl Crow and Blondie.

Lady Gaga Working on Her Third Album with David Bowie

According to a thread on Gaga Daily, a leaked document from Interscope Records shows that Lady Gaga may have worked with David Bowie on material for the eccentric pop diva’s third album.

Connect With Fans the Old School Way

The Daily Mail has unearthed an old letter from a certain David Jones, dated September ’67. Bowie responded to his first American fan letter, from a 14 year old girl named Sandra, personally and fully….