Calling all sound designers, techno producers, and synth enthusiasts – the Korg Wavestate synth range just got bigger!

Jorg’s Wavetstaion synthesizer brought us Wave Sequencing, the process of converting raw samples into sounds, while the manufacturers OASYS and KRONOS instruments “developed Wave Sequencing even further”.

Now, the new range of Wavestate synthesizers is based on this sound design technique, and they’re bringing a lot of waves to the table…

Wavestate Mk II

Whereas its predecessor offered only 64, the new compact Wavestate Mk II offers 96 stereo voices and a plethora of updated sound libraries, though it’s still compatible with sounds from the original Wavestate, the SE model, native software, and some third-party libraries.

With 37 full-size keys, the Wavetstate Mk II should transport easily enough between your studio & venues while its small size also means fits neatly onto a desktop setup. Meanwhile, there’s a total of 4GB space for your own sounds and up to 14 effects you can use simultaneously.

Gear News notes, “[There’s] a new range of 1,042 wave sequences, 799 programs, and 261 performances,” which they continue to say “immediately provides a platform for producing with more sonic complexity than [the Mk II’s] predecessor”.

Wavestate SE

At the same time, Korg has announced the Wavestate SE which offers a 61-note keyboard in an all-metal body with reinforced knobs.

With hundreds of updated sounds, the Wavestate gives you a whopping 120 notes of polyphony, 4GB for your own sounds as with the Mk II, and the same 14 simultaneous effects. The SE & Mk II also share filters modelled after Korg’s MS-20 and Polysix synthesizers and 4 layers with Vector control.

KORG is also throwing in an exclusive hard case and a special crossgrade to Wavestate native software, and you’ll also have access to a Free Editor and Sample Builder software for Mac and Windows.

The Wavestate SE editor is available for free with a purchase of the Wavestate SE. You can edit macros, modulation routes, and more in the editor.

Finally, Korg has announced the limited edition SE Platinum which is more or less identical in function to the SE but with a silver, aluminium panel and stainless steel side panels.


The Wavestate MkII and Wavestate SE are now available in Japan while worldwide shipping is expected to begin over the coming months.

  • Wavestate SE: £1899
  • WavestateSEPlatinum: £2099
  • WavestateMkII: £699