As announced by Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, you can now download Reels directly on Instagram. No need for third-party apps.

While for the longest time TikTok has had the ability to download videos directly to your phone’s camera roll, this feature has been unavailable on Instagram Reels. Saving Reels previously required third-party software or external websites. As announced in Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri’s Broadcast Channel, you can now download Reels shared by public accounts to your camera roll.

It’s super easy to do. When viewing a Reels, simply tap the share icon, then Download.

This feature is a great way to quickly crosspost content, share videos anywhere or take videos offline. Credit is given by the creator’s username burned-in on the clip. Please note, if you are sharing your own content on other platforms, beware of the watermark negatively impacting your reach.

This feature is currently rolling out in the US. You cannot download Reels shared by private account. Public account can turn off the ability for other users to download their Reels in Account Settings.

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