Image Credit: Korg

Korg’s Drumlogue has analog, digital and sampled drums in addition to effects and plugin support.

Korg first teased the Drumogue back in January 2021. After such a long wait, the company has officially released the hybrid drum machine, reports MusicTech.

The drum machine has a digital multi-engine which is expandable thanks to the logue SDK found in the Korg Minilogue XD. 

Manufactred with analog circuitry, the Drumlogue is a drum machine that doubles as a synthesizer.

The goal of the product seems to be to expand on what other Korg synthesizers offer with the Multi-Engine found in the company’s other analog products.

Korg’s Drumlogue will allow you to manipulate your sounds with its new synth features and give your music “harmonic richness and a thick low end”.

To do so, the Drumlogue offers both analog and digital drum synths. But the drumlogue can also play sampled drums too!

The Drumlogue make all of this possible with its three sound engines – analog, digital, and sample-based.

You’ll find a kick, snare hi tom and low tom in the analog engine. As well as further controls that allow you to manipulate decay, tuning, and a lot more. 

On the other hand, the digital engine features the Nano virtual analog synth plugin and a noise generator. Or you can access more algorithms via the logue SDK multi-engine that you’ll find on the NTS-1.

Support for third-party logue plugins is also present with Korg’s SDK. Here, you can use the multi-fx engine to load effects such as reverb, delay, compression, an EQ, and more.

The onboard sequencer gives you 64 steps that you can hook up with external gear into a signal chain.

Connectivity on the Drumlogue includes four assignable 6.3mm audio outputs and input for routing external audio through the onboard effects. Headphone connectivity is available in addition to MIDI connectivity.

In addition to its inputs and outputs, the Drumlogue includes Sinevibes’s new plugin Nano. The Sinevibes Nano will give you dual oscillators, optional ring modulation, and built-in multi-waveform LFO.

You can preorder the Korg Drumlogue now for $600.

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