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Music streaming market in the UK to be probed by competition regulator

Big music companies watch out – the CMA will consider competition in the music industry, and how fair music streaming is for artists and consumers.

New cheaper Apple Music Voice Plan only works with Siri

Image Credit: Apple The Apple Music Voice Plan is a completely hands-free subscription, and it’s only $5. Apple has announced a new Apple Music subscription that’s only $4.99 a month. The catch? You’ll have to…


    hey i love this song i listend to it every day i cant help it nd my boyfiend he like it a little and he tell me to stop playing it but i say nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………………………………….lmao hahahahah

    I like this song. Ke$sha sounds like Katy Perry. Plus she needs to sing more instead of talking in this song. But i still like Kesha and this song. But what the hell at the end?!? Why the hell does she say I like your beard at the end?!? – Wierdo.

    hey, if you like this song listen to her song “This Love” its awesome, different to her other songs but in a good way 😀 check it out! 😀

    excuse me thx for the song of the month thing but i LOVE guys with beards if u checked my latest interview in people magazine u should see that under guity pleasures it say BEARDED SOUTHEREN DUDES!!! get ur facts straight

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