Film scores, expressive sound design, soundscape shaping and more are in the sights of Karanyi Sounds as they release Continuo 2.

Karanyi Sounds Continuo 2

In collaboration with renowned producer iamyank, Karanyi Sounds have announced Continuo 2 – a sample-based plugin the developer states is designed for “[creating] ethereal soundscapes and hybrid keyboard themes”.

The instrument provides four generators and a transient module where you can “blend between 4 heavily sound-designed instruments, browse artist presets, or create your very own hybrid sounds from scratch”.

Karanyi Sounds states they sampled iamyank playing the piano while using “different, unconventional mic setups and playing techniques” before enhancing the recordings with various synths, including Sequential Circuits’ Rev2 and modular modules from Moog “to give bite, depth and real analog low-end to the instrument patches”.

After recording, Karanyi Sounds says samples are run through cassettes and tapes to create an organic feel and, if I say so myself, add a Lofi vibe to the instrument. We also processed some of our patches with digital granular effects & distortion stompboxes.

Karanyi Sounds have provided over 250 Factory & Artists presets which you can add expression to with a built-in LFO module which itself offers 8 presets. Furthermore, the developer has featured a Prophet 5 filter-type LFO module with another 8 presets, 2 custom vintage reverbs, and a tape machine control.

Finally, the built-in Master EQ allows you to make adjustments to the frequency output of your patch while Continuo’s compressor & limiter make it possible to tame transients and dynamic range as well as limit the output level.


Continuo is available for Kontakt 5.7 or later and is compatible with Windows 7+ & Mac OS X 10.11+.

You can currently get the plugin for an introductory price of $14.90 before the regular price of $59 returns.

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