Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ breaks streaming records with over 100 million streams in the UK

Justin Bieber just broke a UK record for the most streamed track in the UK ever.

Bieber‘s track ‘Sorry’ spent 2 weeks at the top of the Official UK Charts when it was released last October. Now 8 months later his track has become the most ever streamed track in the UK, breaking a record with over 100 million streams of his track..

Breaking records isn’t a new thing for Justin Bieber who, just earlier this year, broke a record for becoming the first artist to ever hold the top 3 spots simultaneously in the UK Singles Chart. The track is the second of 3 singles released for his latest album Purpose, and is produced by Skrillex and Blood.

Official Charts Company CEO, Martin Talbot said: “For Sorry to become the first track in Official Chart history to pass the 100 million mark is a record which can never be taken away from Justin. It is, perhaps, the four-minute mile of music streaming. A remarkable feat, a first which will be Justin’s record forever.”

The Beebs’ other two singles,  ‘What Do You Mean’ and ‘Love Yourself’, are both nearing the record setting Sorry with 98.6 million and 94.3 million streams. Given his continued success (Sorry is still at No.6 in the charts after debuting at No.1 eight months ago) both these singles should reach the milestone of 100 million soon, probably breaking some more records along the way knowing that pesky, successful Bieber.

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