Image Credit: Gayatri Malhotra

46 songs to accompany your Biden-Harris inauguration watch parties.

Following the lead of President Barack Obama’s Spotify playlists, incoming president Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris have released a celebratory playlist for supporters to bask in in the run-up to inauguration day on January 20th. The official soundtrack for the swearing-in of the new American president ‘represents the diversity of our nation, and our strength and resilience as we look forward to new leadership and a new era’, according to the Biden-Harris team.

It definitely captures the mood. The tracks are hopeful, positive and inspiring, a wide-ranging list of songs spread across decades and genres. 46 songs for the 46th president and vice-president; ranging from Bruce Springsteen to SZA, Jill Scott to Dua Lipa, Hall and Oates to Kendrick Lamar. Biden and Harris’s political standing is signposted with the inclusion of groups like anonymous collective Sault whose two stunning albums last year raged at police corruption whilst celebrating Black empowerment.

There’s nothing too wacky included. It’s anyone’s guess if the choices come down to personal taste – whereas Obama makes no secret of the fact his choices are usually nudged along by his daughters, there doesn’t seem to be that trendy influence present here.

A pre-inauguration concert also took place on Sunday 17th January to start the week of celebrations. The ‘We the People’ fundraising show featured, Fall Out Boy and Carole King among others playing over video link. Cher performed and gave a speech telling Harris it was ‘her time’ and telling Biden: ‘I know you’re tough. Everyone else knows you’re compassionate, but I know you’re tough.’

On the night of the inauguration, a ‘Celebrating America’ program will air including performances from John Legend, Justin Timberlake and Foo Fighters. Who wants to bet that nobody sues anyone.