Tidal are kicking off 2017 with some awesome new features starting with Master Quality Audio and now with Track Edit that allows you to customise the track.

Earlier this month Tidal added Master Quality Audio to their streaming service, making them the first streaming service to introduce the new audio format. Now Tidal are giving their users even more to brag about with Track Edit, a new feature that allows you to adjust the length of songs and the tempo/speed which you can then save into your playlists.

The new feature can be accessed whilst playing a track by going into the options menu where you can choose the length you want and then decide on the tempo. I’m not so sure about the use of the tempo function but the track length edit is major; there are many tracks I love but avoid listening to because of excessive introductions or closing monologues.

The new feature is available on the latest app update for Tidal, version 1.17.0.