“Be My Lover” by La Bouche is a classic 90s anthem, and this cover by EDM music producers JANFRY & Strownlex ups the energy further still.

Producer duo JANFRY & Strownlex have joined forces on a house music cover of “Be My Lover,” La Bouche’s classic 1995 Eurodance track, out now through RouteNote.

Frequent collaborators JANFRY and Strownlex are two young producers from Italy. JANFRY is Daniele Forasassi, a Slap House producer, and Samuel Giorgio Anastasia, otherwise known as Strownlex, makes heartfelt EDM music.

In their powerful version of “Be My Lover,” the tempo of the original has been slowed right down, so the catchy vocal refrain takes on a sultry feel, and the bass chomps along deep beneath all fuzzy and full of attitude.

You can imagine the track slotting into a workout playlist or keeping a party going alongside similarly energetic 90s dance anthems.

Stream “Be My Lover” on all platforms, OUT NOW!

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