Remember when everyone thought Spotify were going to release a smart speaker and an in-car streaming device? I ‘member.

There were rumours about a Spotify smart speaker for a long time and as recently as January their ‘Car Thing‘ was going out to select audiences to test. Spotify have been on the tech radar for years but as yet have no officially launched products or even confirmation that they have any serious plans for hardware.

Whilst they haven’t spoken about any official plans for Spotify hardware, a new job ad spotted by Music Business Worldwide suggests that it’s still something Spotify are exploring. They’re reportedly looking for a new Head of Hardware Commercial Development in their Stockholm base.

They explain in the advert that they are looking for someone who can aid them in “bringing the music and audio [users] love to the devices, apps and platforms they use every day”. They go on to specify that they are currently concentrating their efforts on the “automotive area”.

Now it’s presented ambiguously enough to not give too much away – it could be that they are simply looking for someone to help them implement their services into third-party hardware – but with their most recent hardware news being their ‘Car Thing’ streaming device for cars and the advert specifying automotive tech there’s a good chance they’re alluding to their own creations.

So we could well be hearing of Spotify’s very first physical products coming in the next year and it seems they will very probably be focused around in-car streaming. But before that, they need someone to head up the development so if you think you’re capable check out the job advert here.