New leak, rumours and predictions around a foldable iPhone, the iPhone 12, AirPower, Apple VR gaming headset and more.

As with all info on leaks, predictions and rumours, none of the below is confirmed by Apple, so take it all with a pinch of salt. Infomation comes from Apple analysits Jon Prosser and Max Weinbach, with images from Concept Creator and Apple_iDesigner via EverythingApplePro.

We’re under an hour away from WWDC 2020, watch it live here. Here we’ll see updates to Apple software, news on ARM processors in Macs and potentially new hardware updates. iOS 14 is expected to change its naming structure to iPhoneOS, which will put it more in line with the rest of the lineup: iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS. iPod Touches may also get the naming update, with iPodOS.

iPhone Fold

Information regarding Apple developing a foldable iPhone has circulated since 2016 when patents emerged showing phones with hinges, foldable batteries and foldable display technology.

iPhone Fold 6

Prosser claims the iPhone will have two separate panels on a hinge rather than a truely foldable display, three displays (two inside and one outside), rounded stainless steel edge (as on the iPhone 11 Pro, and no notch, with only a small forehead on the outer display housing Face ID.

No word on time frame yet, but regarding the success or lack thereof from Samsung and Motorola’s early effort, we’ll likely have quite some time to wait until the tech is ready. There is little demand around the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip or new Razr as the technology shown is still in its infancy and expensive. Apple are often late to the game with new features, but they have a tendency to finalize the tech first.

iPhone 12

Some more information around the iPhone 12 to add to the ever growing list.

CAD designs have supposedly been shared with case manufacturers, which confirm earlier rumours of the display sizes. 120Hz displays in the iPhone 12 has been a question mark for quite some time now, the latest info suggests we should see it come to iPhone 12 Pros, using the same ProMotion name already in the iPad Pro. To make up for the lack of EarPods in the next versions of iPhone, we may see Apple include a budget model of AirPods in a future iPhone (unlikely iPhone 12).

We are still expecting a debut of the new iPhones in early October.


Apple’s wireless charging pad AirPower was officially cancelled last year, but we may see Apple develop something similar soon. AirPower Mini will reportedly be a smaller varient of their earlier design, suitable for one device.


We recently reported on Apple’s plans for augmented-reality glasses, seemingly a more stylish version of Google Glass. The latest news on these suggests we won’t see these until 2023, however may see some virtual-reality hardware as soon as 2021.

Rumours say the headset will be an independent unit with high resolution displays and cinematic speakers, untethered by a computer or phone. The main input control will be via Siri, with the design said to be reminicent of the HTV Vive. Little else is currently known about this device.

Apple VR Headset

CarKey may be feature we see in a later version of iOS 13. This will allow you to unlock your car with your phone and Face ID, Touch ID or a code.