Indian Music Service ‘Saavn’ Reveal New Stats After Rdio Launch In The Country


A week after Rdio join the Indian market, Saavn, who currently rule the country in music streaming reveal they get 11 million monthly active users, have 3 million songs in their catalogue, and 200 million streams per month, 90 percent of which is on mobile devices. CEO Rishi Malhotra hopes to see over 100 million users in the next few years. It’s attempting to push these figure after hiring ex-Google India executive as the the companies COO to help on the advertising side of its business.

Playlisted music by Gaana gets personal with new AutoQueue feature

Indian streaming service Gaana has launched AutoQueue, a feature that personalises your playlists, reading listener’s minds.

260 doctors, nurses, scientists and educators sign an open letter criticising claims made on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Hundreds of doctors, scientists and health professionals “call on Spotify” “to moderate misinformation on its platform.”