Rdio in India

With Spotify taking the streaming world by storm, it’s important for other companies such as Deezer, Rdio, Google Play, Xbox Music, Amazon, etc. to step up their game and offer some exclusive features. Rdio recently announced it’s launch in India. With 32 million songs and music tailored to their location and language, it’s a gap in the market, that Rdio has managed to fill.

Enjoy Rdio’s exclusive features, with Shazam and SoundHound allowing identified tracks to be played or added to playlists right within the app, Google Chromecast integration enables you to stream music up to your TV or (soon) connected speakers, and streaming to car entertainment systems.

Enjoy Rdio in India today for free radio, or upgrade to their full ad-free on-demand service, with online or offline access to any song, album, playlist or station, for the small fee of US$1.99 or 120 Rupees/month. Click here for more info.