Ikea’s mission to make speakers part of the furniture is getting more real with new customisation options for their Sonos powered speakers.

Ikea announced their mission to make smart speakers more affordable and part of the home design, last year. Their new Symfonisk range of speakers designed to blend into the furnishing have clearly been a success as they have announced a new range of add-ons for them.

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker can now be transformed either red or blue with new covers for their front side. The covers cost €8 whilst the speaker itself costs €99.95.

The lamp speaker (it’s a speaker that is also a lamp…) can now be accessorised with fabrics sleeves in the same colours that can be washed. In case you get your lamps dirty, I guess.

The lamp speaker is available for €179 whilst its fabric cover is available to buy for €10.

Both of the speakers offer Smart Speaker features at an affordable price. With Wi-Fi connectivity and Sonos compatibility you can hook them up to the internet and stream music and other Sonos-powered content through them.

The lamp speaker also serves as a stroke-able lamp.