Hybrid Drumming – Using Acoustic Kits For Electric Sounds

The convergence of technology in music is something that some will protest madly and others embrace with open arms but no-one can deny the incredible presence technology has on music today. With innovations every week creating new ways to play and create technology is opening doors to new realms of possibility all the time.

The piece of equipment we’re looking at today has been around for a few years but it’s potential has only increased since then. Roland V-Drums are drum triggers that sense the vibrations on your acoustic kit and send them to a drum module or percussion pad to create electronic sounds.

The triggers work by just clipping on to the rim of your drum and a small mesh/rubber pad picks up the vibrations to sense when the drum is being hit. Depending on what you connect your drum triggers to you can create a massive host of new sounds from samples, custom noises, alternate instruments and more.  The triggers will also detect how hard you’re playing, allowing for even more extensive customisability with your soundscape.

You can find out more from the Roland website here:  http://www.rolandus.com/categories/v-drums/.

Famous UK session player Craig Blundell shows you just some of the thousands of possibilities using drum triggers in the video below.

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