Huawei unveil 60 watt Smart Speaker with 360-degree sound

Huawei has teamed up with big, bad (but good) speaker makers Devialet for a Smart Speaker that will blow the competition out of the market.

The Sound X is the name of a powerful new speaker that is coming to China. From the creative forces behind the face-melting Phantom speakers, Devialet has teamed up with Chinese tech-makers Huawei for an impressive rival to Amazon Echo’s and Sonos speakers.

The Sound X boasts a 360-degree sound with a speaker covering the entire bottom section of the speaker so it plays out of all angles. It’s packing a 60-watt double subwoofer, yes double, in one small package for a powerfully vibrant sound.

The speaker uses Devialet’s unique Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology to do away with distortion. Vibration-cancelling technology also ensures that the powerful subwoofers aren’t encroaching on the quality of the sound despite the small shell.

Devialet have made a proud point of this being their “first partnership in Asia”. As China is the company’s 2nd largest region for sales it makes a great move for them to really infiltrate a new sector and expand their incredible audio offerings by working with other companies.

It won’t cost a few thousand dollars like Devialet’s offers but it will only be available in China, at least for now. It’s on pre-order for 1,999 yuan (roughly $285).

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