“How We Made Latch” – Guy from Disclosure shows how their breakthrough single is thanks to stock Logic plugins (Video)

Guy Lawrence, half of electronic duo Disclosure, details how he and brother Howard wrote dance-pop record Latch, with vocals from Sam Smith.

Disclosure dropped Latch, featuring singer-songwriter Sam Smith, in 2012, launching all three to mainstream success. Guy Lawrence and briefly Howard Lawrence breaks down the single on a Twitch stream, talking on some of the inspiration the duo drew from and tips for aspiring producers. Guy shows how almost all of the production of Latch is down to Logic’s stock plugins.

I would almost feel like I have imposter syndrome, because people would be telling me how great the mix is and how analogue it was and all this stuff, and I’m in my mind just thinking like “it is definitely just Logic plugins.” Delay? Logic. Reverb? Logic. Compressors? Logic. Both these synths? Logic. I hope that you can take from that, that you don’t need fancy gear to make a hit.

Guy Lawrence, Disclosure

The video is segmented into many different parts, allowing you to quickly find and borrow the layout of their drums, bass, synths, etc. Head to Disclosure’s YouTube channel for full breakdowns of their most popular hits.

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