Selling your music online is incredibly important as it gives you an instant global market that is impossible with physical releases. The largest music market ever is online with stores like iTunes and Amazon giving access to worldwide audiences.

Music streaming is also giant and grows larger every year with services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play and many others driving what has quickly become the largest source of music consumption in the world.

Getting your music heard is the most important part of getting your music career off the ground. As an independent artist or band it can be an incredibly difficult process in the beginning and that’s why RouteNote is here to help.

You can get your music on all the stores mentioned above and many more for free with us at Why should you choose us to distribute your music though?

Here’s what we offer:
  • Keep 85% of profits (100% on our Premium tier)
  • You always keep 100% of the rights to your music
  • Opt-out anytime – you can leave us, change your account, and manage the stores you’re on at anytime. You never have to make a commitment
  • Free UPCs/EANs and ISRCs for releases
  • Optional mastering from Landr on upload
  • Earn extra with our referral system
  • Access to a giant library of tracks from RouteNote artists you can use on your YouTube videos for free
  • Join our SoundCloud Network free to make money and get unlimited upload time
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If this isn’t enough to convince you why you should use RouteNote, feel free to get in contact with any questions: