Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube’s short video fun has come to the US in beta form. Here’s how you can create YouTube Shorts on the US beta.

Now that YouTube Shorts is available in the US, millions more are able to take part in the fun, short, and mobile friendly videos which have been making such a huge noise in India. Now that YouTube Shorts are so much more widely available, here is how you can take part and create your very own to join the fun.

How to upload a Short
  1. Select the create icon (+) while on desktop or from within the mobile app
  2. Select the video that you’d like to upload – remember Shorts need to be 60s or less and square or taller in orientation (1:1, 9:16)
  3. Input relevant metadata – we recommend including #Shorts in either your title or description.
  4. Tap Upload and you’re ready to go.
YouTube’s tips for creating Shorts

To really grab your viewers’ attention, focus on catching their eye within the first few seconds of your Shorts. Bold visuals and unique editing are a few methods to try out. Given the length of Shorts, it’s a good idea to keep the pace snappy and the structure familiar. Going from hook, to climax, to resolution can provide a framework to your content while preserving a concise narrative.

Do YouTube Shorts go on my channel?

You can upload Shorts to your main channel or start a second channel specifically for Shorts content. We’ve seen success with both. Before choosing, we recommend that you think about the style of content that you plan to create for Shorts and then ask yourself whether it fits with the long-form videos that you’re already posting on your channel.

For those who decide to post on their main channel, we’ll soon allow you to add a Shorts shelf to your channel page, making it easier for your viewers to distinguish between short and long-form content. To avoid overwhelming your audience with notifications, Shorts notifications will also only be sent to those subscribers who regularly watch Shorts content.

YouTube are planning to roll Shorts out even further to other countries this year so keep your eyes peeled for when it will be available to you.