How labels take more money from artists through taxes

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Major record labels take a huge cut of the profits that artists make on their music and they may be taking even more from artists by sneakily making them pay taxes so they don’t have to on the earnings.

We’re acutely aware of how major labels can reduce the amount that artists make from their art in high percentage contracts. That’s why we’ve made it our mission at RouteNote to empower artists to take control of their own music and release it to the world on their own terms.

Recently, Jean David made a great post on Facebook looking at how labels may be making even more at the artists expense with huge advances that then get paid back to them and allow to avoid paying some of the taxes on the earnings themselves.

You can read his post below:[0]=AZVopNKlJpOWOVs8Jdj-pzYsT798tmNGWINnTS-1_3uLUoVVKvvrEh4Nry1DYFShg0rBjNyvw2c7tc3ofThJ3KbJ6qh7pwdclOZc_5zCl6lBsWEcoCcpqN4UCB464cnZLsA&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

You don’t need a label when you distribute with RouteNote. You can get your music on all of the biggest streaming services and download stores in every country around the world for free and earn money on your own terms with no lock-in contracts.

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