Spotify are testing the true radio experience with talk clips between mixes of music and you can get involved to host your very own show.

This week Spotify introduced it’s first round of a new type of audio experience. Intersplicing audio mixes with a talk show host they’re looking to replicate the conversational feeling of listening to the radio with your very own DJ keeping you company through the music stream.

Anchor are now making it possible for anyone to create their own audio show by recording their clips and making a Spotify show of music and talking. Bringing the personality of hosted radio shows to the simplicity of Spotify music streaming.

The Spotify-owned app allows anyone to record and upload their podcasts and combining this with Spotify’s music catalogue now allows you to easily create and upload your very own radio shows.

It’s as simple as going to Anchor as you would to create a new episode and then selecting a new ‘Music’ tool. Use this to search for songs and artists and intersplice them into your episodes and arrange an order that allows you to create your show.

For more info on getting your very own radio-style shows on Spotify head here.