The story of one holocaust survivor and her saviour is being shared through the power of short film and hip-hop.

Janine Webber, 86, wants to tell her story of how she survived the Nazis as a Jew during the second world war. Janine was left parent-less at age 9, after her father was killed by the Gestapo and her mother died from illness.

Surviving on her own after her younger brother was shot dead by the SS at the age of 7, Janine roamed alone. That was until she found Edek, a member of the Polish Resistance that Janine’s aunt had known as the best friend of her first boyfriend. Edek helped to hide Janine and 13 other Jews on an estate on the outskirts of her hometown Lvov, facing death if he were found out.

Surviving the war thanks to the help and kindness of strangers, particularly the man she knows only as Edek, Janine now travels the UK to share her story and promote tolerance and understanding of the unimaginable events that became her formative years.

A new project tells the tale of Janine and Edek in a short film with hip-hop artist Kapoo. The music tells the story of Edek in a way that the filmmakers hope can resonate with young people in a language they understand – the storytelling form of modern hip-hop music.

Edek tells the story of the man who put his own life at risk to help others in the most horrifying time in recent history that is still a reality for some who lived through it. Janine and the film-makers want people to understand the horrors that took place but with a message of hope in humanity’s capacity for kindness.

Although Ebek would be in his late 90s now Janine hopes that if he is alive that the film finds him and he can recognise her gratitude. She says: “I approached the BBC to ask them try and help me. They took six months and couldn’t fin any one. I am still trying – I owe him my life.”

Watch the powerful tale below and find out more about Janine’s story and the making of the film here: