High Profile Artists Accept File Sharing

In interviews with both Pharell Williams of N.E.R.D (click on the tab for videos from the 23rd of Jan) and Neptunes fame (named best producer of the 00’s) Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien on the Midem blog, they both talk about how the music industry is going to have to accept the way people are consuming music on the web and adapt to it, essentially that there is no sense in victimising people for file-sharing and exchanging music on the internet. Williams describes file sharing as ‘taste-testing’ for music, increasing listener base and giving musicians greater audience reach.

O’Brien likens P2P file sharing to the ‘home-taping’ of the 80’s – suggesting, like Pharell, that it is a way of introducing new listeners to your music, who will then go on to buy concert tickets, merchandise or other music products, if they really like the music. He also cites services like Spotify as the more attractive answer to the ‘deeply unsexy, utilitarian’ file sharing websites – criticising the recording industry for not moving fast enough to create services that cater to consumers taste for easy access to digital music. He also stresses the importance of connecting with your fans, ‘building your tribe’, even for huge acts like Radiohead.

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BPI argue streaming already works better, label cuts are diminishing artist profits

During an ongoing inquiry by the UK government into the economics of the still-fairly-fresh music streaming model, the BPI have claimed that streaming may already be an improvement on physical and warn against too radical an upheaval.

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