Current Music Environment: Music Marketing Demographics

Nice little article over at Hypebot (who are up to their necks in Midem at the moment) on some top line music market trends: according to a survey of more than 8,000 music consumers, 45% of listeners are happy to listen to an advert in order to fund a download of a track, and 41% to fund a stream of a song. Here is a run down of the stats:

  • 8500 interviews in 13 countries
  • 63% are passionate about music
  • 14% would listen to music every minute of the day if they could.
  • Streaming a favorite delivery method for 21%
  • 29% admit to downloading without paying
  • 30% bought a CD in the last month
  • 11% bought a download within the month
  • Video via mobile growing fastest in emerging markets
  • 42% went to a concert last year
  • 16% bought a concert DVD in last year
  • 19% bought t-shirt / merch.
  • Many OK with listening to an ad to download (45%) and stream (41%)
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