Ikea’s partnership with Sonos will soon include a remote control designed for their special SYMFONISK speakers.

Sonos have made a name for themselves as all-in-one stereo systems that need no remote. You use your mobiles, tablets or computers to control them and that’s how they got famous. But following the launch of their speakers in partnership with Ikea this year, they’re releasing their very first dedicated remote.

The partnership bred some weird looking speakers that are designed to fit the “home” aesthetic. To do that Ikea and Sonos built light-up speakers that work both as lamps and as Smart, connected music players. They named their range of furniture blended speakers SYMFONISK.

The SYMFONISK speakers are getting a simple one button remote that looks like an oversized mint to accompany the range. The controller is essentially one big button. You press it once to pause, and again to play; push it twice to go skip a track or three times to go back a track. It also rotates as a dial to increase or decrease the volume.

For just €14.99 you can get your hands on the remote control in the UK and beyond from October 1st. There’s no announcement of a release date for the US yet.

Ikea have promised many more connected devices to come as they commit themselves to accommodating the Smart household. Check out their Symonisk range here.