Henri Purnell gets a taste of the charts as a new German fan favourite

Image credit: Henri Purnell

Henri Purnell’s latest release with Soave and powered by RouteNote is jumping up the charts. Not too shabby for an artist whose favourite instrument is whistling!

Whilst he may have a penchant for whistling, the young German producer taking the country by storm is finding fame for much more. Following in the footsteps of his inspirations like Martin Garrix and Lost Frequencies, Henri Purnell is producing the soundtrack of new sunny days with a sound like fresh fruit juice.

Combining joyous tunes with a range of amazing vocalists, Purnell has been powering some of the hottest collaborations in recent years. It’s plain to see, people are loving the music. Recently reaching the German Airplay Top 200 at #167 on Apple Music and iTunes with plays across the airwaves on his new single ‘On My Way Home’ featuring Joe Cleere.

Teaming up for the track, it tells the story of someone taking a metaphorical trip back home. With a tone that may feel more subdued and melancholy than past releases, the sound is still filled with an empowering energy that will have you hankering for the clubs.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your drink of choice, find the nearest sunny spot, and join the fun!

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