Microsoft’s music streaming service Groove Music is getting a bunch of new features less than a week after they release the Windows 10 anniversary update.

Microsoft have been regularly updating and improving Groove since rebranding it from Xbox Music last year. Their newest update adds a bunch of new stuff, including the long requested ability to edit your music’s metadata.

The update, available now to Windows Insider users on the ‘Fast’ ring, means Groove users can simply right click an album or track to easily edit it’s metadata now. Elsewhere Groove’s ‘Explore’ section has been redesigned to focus on genres. Now when you’re exploring new music, curated playlists, charts, etc. you can view them all by specific genre.

Microsoft are so proud of their redesigned Explore section that when you first open up Groove after the update they’ll take you right there to show you their work, like a proud child. It’s only a one-time thing however so when you open the app after that time it will go back to where you were last as usual.

Other changes include:

  • Radio stations show up in Recent Plays in Your Groove
  • Playlists in Explore now shows a preview of which artists are included
  • Rate playlists with a thumbs up or down
  • Mute specific songs from a playlist to just play the tracks you like
  • Landmarks to reduce tabs when using Narrator

The update is available to Groove users that are part of the Windows Insider Fast ring. Microsoft didn’t say when they plan to release it to all Groove Music users but they normally leave a month or two for testing and tweaks before opening their Insider updates to everyone.

Microsoft are starting to push music across all of their platforms as an update to Xbox One this week introduced background music, so you can play music without the music app open on the screen.