Google tease an update to their Home smart speaker

After some info and pictures leaked via an FCC certification and Japanese regulatory filing, Google decided to share an image and teaser video.

The Google Home (the one between the Home Mini and Home Max) was last first introduced in 2016. With no updates since and the competition frequently upgrading their line-ups, Google Home is long overdue a refresh.

Since Google listed their Google Home smart speaker as “No longer available”, rumours have been circulating regarding a replacement. Last week, leaked information and images came out regarding the speaker via FCC and Japanese regulatory filings. Google decided to put rumours to rest and share an image and teaser video via The Verge.

Immediately obvious from the teased image and video is, Google’s ditching the white plastic for a blue fabric, with a pink varient also seen in the video. This is in keeping with the rest of the line up and follows the Mini and Max speakers, as well as their main competitor, the Amazon Echo devices.

No word yet on its specs of features, but predictions online say it’ll rival the Sonos One, with sound quality somewhere between the current Home and Home Max. We are expecting more official details from Google later today.

Keep an eye out for more new Google products before the end of the year. We are expecting to see a Pixel 4a, Pixel 5 and an Android TV dongle in the coming months.

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