Good News For Live Music Fans – UK Set To Relax Licensing Laws

Licensing laws look set to be revised, after an announcement on Dec 31st by licensing Minister Gerry Sutcliffe. Prior to the last licensing review, when 24 hour alcohol licensing was introduced, a license was not required for staging groups of less than 2 performers, or for putting on ‘background music’, like a piano in a hotel lobby, or a jazz quartet in a pizza restaurant. The review meant that any and all performances of live music were licensable ativities, and required a venue to have permission from the local authority to be put on.

Under the new proposals, an exemption from the Licensing Act for small live music events, i.e. those performed to less than 100 people, would make it easier for a wide range of venues to put on live music, and help musicians who want to play to a live audience.

“Going to see a band, musician or singer is a very important part of many people’s lives and we’re keen to do what we can to support audiences and musicians [and] an exemption for venues with 100 people or less would benefit many small venues, particularly unlicensed premises such as village halls and cafes, which may currently be put off by licensing requirements… But we are also proposing that the exemption can be revoked at individual premises if there have been problems with noise, nuisance or disorder.” Stated Mr. Sutcliffe.

Great news for little venues and artists starting out in their careers – just make sure you fill out those playlists for the PRS!!!!1!

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