Abbey Road Institute, a music education initiative from renowned London recording studio, have partnered with Gibson and affiliates to offer up their instruments.

Abbey Road Institute saw it’s first year of their new initiative last year with the objective of providing “students with the highest standard of theoretical teaching mixed with our unique approach to studio education”.

Now just over a year since their first students started on the 12 month course in March 2015, Gibson and their subsidiaries have partnered with Abbey Road to offer their quality music instruments and equipment to support education at their established institutes around the world. Gibson will offer up a range of Gibson and Epiphone guitars, NEAT Microphones, and KRK’s professional studio equipment.

Managing director at the Abbey Road Institute in London, Luca Barassi said: “We’re honoured to be working with a manufacturer of Gibson Brands’ quality and standing, and are delighted that our students are having the opportunity to use the very best instruments around.”

Gibson guitars

CEO and chairman of Gibson Brands, Henry Juszkiewicz said: “Gibson Brands is dedicated to developing and supporting programs that offer students the opportunity to further their musical education and skills. Our commitment to quality extends to all musicians, and we are pleased to be able to support Abbey Road Institute students in their aspirations of pursuing careers in the music industry.”

Meanwhile Giulio Rusconi, a student at London’s Abbey Road Institute, praised the partnership saying: “As a guitarist I always use a guitar riff as a starting point when composing, and having these wonderful Gibson Brands products in our school is simply the best way for me to develop my ideas. Even my classmates, who mostly play different instruments, are making amazing tunes with them!”

Abbey Road

Beyond the famous Abbey Road Studios in London they have set up Institutes in Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Melbourne with sites in Sydney and Amsterdam planned to open later this year. They say on their website: “Our programme was designed by the industry for the industry. We maintain the highest educational standards, support ‘hands-on’ practical learning, provide the best professional lecturers and give students access to state of the art equipment.”

You can find out more about the 12 month course and the studios at