Image credit: TIDAL

See exactly who your audience is on TIDAL with their new feature for artists: Fans.

What would we be without our fans? It pays to know your audience and connect with the people who really matter most when it comes to your music.

TIDAL have just launched a new feature within their artist dashboard, called Fans. This new hub brings artists up close and personal with their audiences, offering loads of data on their listeners.

These brand new tools are updated daily and let artists easily track how their music is being listened to by different people around the world. This data can then inform the audiences artists target with ad campaigns and the areas they arrange gigs and tours within, making it a powerful marketing tool.

Image credit: TIDAL

There are currently 3 categories of data which artists can now explore in their artist dashboard:

  1. Top Tracks: Identify your artists’ most played songs on TIDAL.
  2. Top Countries: Discover the top 10 countries where your artists’ music is streamed the most (where TIDAL is available).
  3. Age of Listeners: Understand the age distribution of your artists’ audience.

The data gets more powerful with timeframe filtering, allowing artists to select to view data form the last week, last month, last 6 months, last 12 months, and their stats for all time.

TIDAL have promised to bring even more data and features to Fans, empowering artists with the lowdown on their audience in many more ways.

Fans is now available for all artists on TIDAL Artist Home. If your an artist who hasn’t claimed their artist profile yet, you can claim yours here. If you’ve already claimed yours then you can head straight to Fans here.