Get Serato’s pro DJ software free for this whole month

Learn to DJ whilst your on lockdown with Serato Play offering full DJ Software free for a month.

Serato are offering their Play DJ software free for the whole of May. It offers a fully fledged DJing software giving you the chance to hone your skills ready for when gigs and parties are back in business.

There is no hardware needed for Serato Play, just your laptop or desktop computer. The software is full of advanced features like EQ controls, FX to play with, filters to create awesome lifts and drops and much more.

Using shortcuts on your keyboard you can easily control Serato Play with your keyboard and start mixing with flow. Using a headphone splitter you can even practice professional techniques by splitting the audio between what’s coming out of the speakers and what you hear in your headphones.

If you’re brand new to DJing then Serato have a whole host of tutorials on YouTube that you can follow and start DJing like a master producer in no time. Get ready for the clubs to return when lockdown is over for the whole of May.

Make the most of free Serato Play by downloading it as soon as possible, as it is only available free until the end of May. Download it here now.

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