Spinfire is a mobile app that connects you up with DJs who can play your music in nightclubs where they are spinning.

Spinfire is a new mobile app that allows you to upload your music and offer it out to DJs to play in clubs. For a small cost you can send play requests to DJs, searching them by name, city, and venue for your perfect target audience.

On the other side of things DJ’s get to join for free and search songs that get sent to them. DJs can choose to charge between $20 – $500 for a play and then when they play it they will receive the money, with a maximum of 10 spins an hour. It’s a brilliant combination of promotion for smaller artists and an extra source of income for DJs.

Once the DJ plays the song they will have to send “proof of play” which is a video within the app showing the song being played. Spinfire holds all payments until everything has been played and the artist has confirmation of the plays to ensure that no DJs try to work around their responsibility. There is also an internal rating system so that artists can let others know if a DJ isn’t honest or live up to his requests.

The company stated in a press release: “With this app, novices in the game have the same opportunity as seasoned veterans to get their music heard and gain the recognition they desire.” Spinfire CEO Chris Morgan said: “Our platform fills a major void in the music industry because we give the independent, aspiring artist a direct and proactive way to market music in clubs.”

They are hoping to launch the app globally this October after launching it first last June. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.