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route_note_icon_master copyIt’s been a while since we reiterated this: RouteNote is here to help YOU get your music online and selling. There are a lot of other players in the digital distribution market, all offering different models of payment and return, different combinations of stores, different packages and percentages, but we think we have the simplest, most efficient and cheapest service on the net.

We don’t charge any upfront or subscription fees, and only charge a 10% fee out of any revenue that you get once you start selling music. Other sites either expect you to shell out fees that can end up totalling hundreds of dollars before you even sell a single track, or take big chunks out of your back end in return for their services (The Orchard will take a flat rate of 30%). Other places will charge you depending on how many stores you want to sell through (Tunecore, Musicadium) – we don’t do any of this stuff. We just want you to confirm that you can license us the rights to distribute the music you upload, tell us the email address attached to the paypal account you want us to send revenues to and then upload your music. Our contract doesn’t make any claims on the music’s copyright, just enables us to make, store and  send copies of your files, and it has a break clause of 60 days, so if you get fed up with us, or suddenly get signed by Warner you’ve only got a couple of months maximum wait before you can make a move. Once you pass our moderation (we need to check you’ve not just uploaded a Spice Girls album, or some hateful tirade against Guinea Pig owners) we’ll turn it around within 4 weeks and get your music to iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, Amazon MP3, Snocap, and other online digital stores that cover more than 95% of the online market.

You can check out our agreement once you’ve input your details in the Register page – don’t worry, you don’t need to sign your life away to look at the agreement – you have to specifically agree before we’re in business! We hope you’ll think it’s equitable (feedback on what you’d change is always welcome), and we look forward to having you join the 1,500 artists and labels who are already working with us to make their music make money.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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